Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the FAQ  with answers to the most popular questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You get lifetime access to 7 weeks of action packed material teaching you a proven strategy with everything that comes with it.We cover everything from

  • Creating your trading plan
  • Trading as a business
  • Risk management procedures
  • How to find the next big market leaders 
  • Trade Journaling Software
  • Psychology
  • Scanner Settings 
  • Library of Charts with examples 
  • Lifestyle hacks to achieve peak performance 
  • PDFs & Gradesheets to help with the learning 
  • Where to enter, exit & place stop losses


For a look inside the course, check out this video for more information. 

Absolutely! If you are unhappy or just don't think the course is a right fit for you. You can cancel anything up to the first 14 days after purchase. 

Yes! We aim to change the way the trading education is taught. Instead of teaching all different types of technical analysis and fundamental analysis, we teach one structure and cover everything from charts, brokers, trading strategy, psychology, journalling etc. Watch this video if you want more information on what the course is like on the inside

We teach a swing trading style whereby positions would be held anywhere from a few days up to 6 months depending on market environment

Both! We filter our stocks to the ones with strong fundamentals & down use technical analysis to enter with the tightest risk. 

You can use the lessons to trade any market you wish. However, we recommend & trade small & large cap US equities almost exclusively. 

Absolutely not! Our goal is to train people to be able to find the right stocks and trade them themselves. 

The alert services very rarely works for people wanting to learn because they would never get the same fills as the person giving the alerts. As a result, learning how to do it yourself means you can enter at the right price and not rely on anyone else for your trading results

We are obviously going to say no but we encourage people to be skeptical. 

If you are concerned about this, you can simply buy the course and refund it up to 14 days after purchase. This can give you an inside look and if you're not happy, simply cancel and we'll refund you the full amount. 

Alternatively, we have over 60 articles on our site with helpful tips (that's over 100,000 words) You can implement many of the free stuff there if you remain skeptical and don't want to get the course. 

No!We do our best to keep things as simple as possible. 

If however there are any terms or questions you ever have or cannot understand, you can message our support and we'll get back to you asap 

Unfortunately No.While our strategy can be implemented using options trading, we teach the simple buying and selling of the stocks outright as opposed to options

Absolutely not! It is our goal to train you to become a self sufficient trader being able to make investing decision for yourself. 

We would never provide investing advice on which stocks to buy/sell 

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