Swing Trading Course Online [A Look Inside Our Training]



Obviously, landing here means you are searching for the best stock trading course online. The problem you're probably having is not knowing where to even start or what makes a trading course good or bad? 

Or even worse, is it a scam or just plain trash...? 

The trading education arena is littered with both good and bad information. But as a complete newbie, how can you decipher the good from the bad? 

Well that's what we will answer in this article.

We'll also give you a look inside our 7 week training program and you can decide  for yourself if it's something that may benefit you.  (cough.... we obviously think it will but we're biased) 

An online swing trading course should provide you with everything you need to become a self sufficient trader.

Plain and simple. 

So let's clear up some very common feelings a new trader faces when searching for the right swing trading course.


1. Is the trading course a scam? 

Ah yes, probably the biggest fear a complete rookie will have in their search for a good online trading course. Is it a scam?  You would be forgiven for always being skeptical.

Here's why:

Read the advertisement description " This method is Really Works"  They didn't even try construct a proper sentence.

Another heads up here is to look at what they're promising, over £5k within 15 minutes. Be very wary of income claims, something a legit company would never do. 

No one can predict what you will make as a trader, so promising untold get rich quick nonsense is just another ploy to garner the attention of the vulnerable.

Advertisements like this one are obviously going to raise red flags. 

So lesson one in finding the best stock trading course online is to make sure the trading education company can construct a sentence.

Okay just kidding.... but the real lesson is to take income claim promises with a grain of salt.

It's very important that a trading course provides honest information of what can and cannot be achieved to ensure vulnerable people aren't manipulated. 

This is something we actually pride ourself on. No silly get rich quick claims ever. 


2. What are your goals with trading stocks?  

So why is this relevant ?  Well, if your goal is to be a day trader, a swing trading course may not be right for you. 

If you're a complete beginner, then finding a trading course for beginners is the best option as this will teach you the basics. 

Here's a map of what a good trading course should offer you on your quest to learn stock trading and become a self sufficient trader. 

It is in essence everything that we cover in our training program "The Trading Optimizer"



You should learn everything from the ground up in easy to understand terms that the average person can understand.

The problem with most trading courses online is they only teach you all the technical indicators or fundamental indicators and leave it up to you to figure out the rest. 


3. What's inside the swing trading course? 

Hopefully, you've watched the video above to show you inside, (if you haven't, do so now)  Let's just refresh how the course curriculum is set up.



So, as you can see, the training program covers everything you need from start to finish. We also teach you our trading strategy so you don't have to try figure it out yourself. 

Risk management, how to scan for the stocks we trade, chart examples with entries, exits, losses and winners.  trading plan template, self discipline mastery, trading psychology.... the list goes on. 

We aim to cover every possible angle of your stock trading business. 

The best part of all is you learn both the fundamental & technical analysis and our training is tailored to one trading strategy

Why would we do this you may be wondering? 

Our goal is to create top traders. Now, while we CANNOT guarantee any of you will make even a penny, we CAN guarantee that you will learn the techniques to be a self sufficient trader in the stock market. 

It's up to you what you do with the techniques ....


If this is something that would interest you, here's what you need to do next. 

Fill out the contact details below with your interest in joining and one of our staff will get back to you with more information. 

Obviously we want to ensure this is a right fit for both you and us so we do restrict access. 

Our stock trading course  was created by Max & Paul, both of who have been trading independently for almost 10 years so there is plenty of experience to help guide you in the right direction. 

This is not an alert service, instead providing you with the information to find your own stocks, how to trade them, where to enter and exit, where to put your stops and what size you should trade relative to your own trading capital amount. 

Hopefully, this article provided more insight into The Trading Optimizer and we strongly believe it's the best online stock trading course out there today (again..... we are obviously biased) 


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