Self Improvement, Where Do I Even Start ?

You want ways to help with self improvement. You're tired of the path you are on or just want something new to happen.

Trust me, we've all been there. I remember feeling the same way and being clueless as to where I could start.

 I found myself in a routine, one which I really disliked and couldn't seem to get out of it.

I needed to take action. It's so easy to say what you need to do in life but actually getting out there and taking actionable steps to improve your life is what separates the average from the superior person.

Don't get discouraged. It takes time and anyone out there can dramatically change their life over time.

Luckily for us, there are simple steps which can really yield some amazing results. I remember literally forcing myself to apply some of these steps and things started to happen for me.

Opportunities seemed to come my way and that dark cloud of a rather boring routine started to fade and the sun began to shine.

I literally went from a depressed, single & alone person to a much more balanced and happy life and no matter how low your life is right now, you can always get out of it and help yourself too.

  • Lay one piece of the puzzle everyday I like to look at my end goal as the completion of a jigsaw puzzle. Take a step back & really think about what your life would be like in your dreams. What would you want it to be ?  A successful business ? A loving, healthy family ?  Some extra income to live or do things you've always wanted ? It doesn't matter who you are or what you want from life, you can achieve it.

Set yourself a mini goal (a piece of the puzzle) Something small that allows you to get towards the bigger picture of your completed jigsaw puzzles.

Aim to complete one mini piece once a week. If your goal is to increase your chances of getting that new job you've always wanted, maybe a piece of your puzzle would be to learn 1 new skill a week that will help you get that.


  •  Meditation - I get it, you may not have time for meditation or just  any me time. I was just like this too. I'd  decided no more excuses and woke up 20 minutes earlier every morning and practiced meditation. It  really helped me.  A clearer mind made for better decisions. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but you'd be surprised how good meditation can be.

We live such fast paced lifes nowadays that sometimes taking a step back and slowing things down can  work wonders for us.

This really helped me. I was skeptical but actually giving myself some proper me time to start the day made it much easier for me.

I didn't know where to   start with meditation so I looked for some books to help me. This book was the most useful for me but you too may find something better for yourself.

  • Health Health And More HealthThis can tie in with meditation but probably the most important thing is  focus on your health. I was unhealthy, would rarely if at all exercise. Then I started to exercise. This probably resulted in the most   drastic changes to my life because I looked at exercise as dusting the cobwebs of my brain away and it really providing much needed clarity to help achieve where I wanted  to be. An hour a day 3-4 times a week will do you the world of good.


  • Don't get discouraged - You are only human, we all are. In our society today, we are taught to avoid failure  at all costs. This is unfortunate because  its a necessary  part of the journey we must take. I like to say fail forward.  Learn from your mistakes. You will hit setbacks but its all part of the process. How many people do you think achieved their dreams without failures along the way ?

"Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” - Denis Waitley


  • Take Full Responsibility How many times have you been on this great new journey to build your own jigsaw puzzle only to hit stumbling blocks and not take responsibility ? I can't exercise today, the weather is too bad, I'm not meditating today, I'm too exhausted to get up early. If you are honest with yourself, you'll realize that a lot of our setbacks are because we don't take responsibility. I'm guilty myself of this, I made excuse after excuse but eventually enough was enough and I took action.


  • Learn new things every week -  I set myself a goal to read one new book every month. This had absolute incredible results for me as my knowledge base expanded massively over time.  Never underestimate the power of education. Once it's cemented in our minds, no one can take that away from us and it really can be what separates the leaders from the followers.

My favorite books to read were:

  1.  Think and Grow rich 
  2.  How to win friends and influence people
  3.  As a man thinketh
  4. Rich Dad Poor Dad


If you begin your jigsaw puzzle with these steps, I'm sure you will see great results and changes in your life. I am an average person with no god given talents and it really transformed my life.

Don't be discourage by setbacks, you are only human like the rest of the world. Self improvement begins with one part of the puzzle and ends when all the pieces fit together nicely so ask yourself how does my puzzle look ?


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