Top 10 Best Trading Books

The list of books below provide some excellent stock trading information out there today. Let me start out with a bit of a disclaimer. If you buy through these links, I get a small kickback. If you don't want to or just want to buy your own way, you can always go to amazon and get them yourself.

Now, on to the juicy stuff. What are the top 10 trading books to read ? Oh there are oh so many and narrowing them down was definitely tough. I mean who doesn't like a good book on trading or finding top traders to be inspired & motivated by. Well, here you go.  They are in no particular order of preference as to be honest, they were all great reads.

  • Market Wizards by Jack Schwager  - If you have any experience in trading at all, you've probably heard about this gem of a book. Jack interviews some of the worlds top traders. Incredibly entertaining for trader & investor alike.


  • Van Tharp Psychology Books -  If you love the mindset behind trading and want to improve your overall trading psychology, Van Tharp has some excellent reads out there. It helped me tremendously especially his book Super Trader


  • How to Make Money In Stocks - A great book by William O Neill, this top trader gives insights into his trading strategy Canslim that made him & other traders millions of dollars.


  • Mark Minervini Books - Another great trader, Mark outlines from start to finish his trading strategy SEPA. He has personally made millions from nothing and I found this to be a great book for swing traders especially. He walks you through his strategy from start to finish with useful charts, entries, exits and journaling techniques.



  • Technical Analysis by John Murphy - A great educational book on technical analysis. It covers the majority of technical indicators out there today and teaches to understand how they all work in different market environments.


  • Insiders Buy Superstocks - A lessor known book, Jesse traded his way from $34k to $6.6 million dollars in under 28 months. The book goes into detail about his strategy and how he achieved those returns.


  • The Way Of The Turtle - The story of how Richard Dennis on a bet that traders could be taught how to make millions by teaching a few simple lessons, he delves into his world and the process to get them to millionaire status.


  • Understanding Options - A book dedicated to helping you get started in Option trading. It is a must have for beginners who need assistance


  • How to make money with commodities -  A great book for traders wanting to learn techniques to trade the commodity markets. I found it very helpful when I first traded commodity markets.

I hope you find that list helpful. You may also like to follow some top traders on twitter who provide great stock trading information.  They are definitely my personal favorites and have helped me a lot over the years.  Best of Luck in your trading.


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